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Mobile Money

This service enables the creation of digital wallets using basic KYC such as a name, date of birth and phone number targeted at unbanked individuals to enable them create and maintain an electronic wallet on our payment service platform to store, retrieve and transfer funds and access our suite of financial services
Thus Make Your Transactions Successful At Anytime, Anywher


If you have any questions, don’t forget to give us a call or you can email us and within 24 hours, one of our agents will contact you.

Mobile Money Agent Network Services

Visual ICT has a partnership with MATS (Merchant and Agents Transfer Services) and Total which enables us to establish agent locations in well over 500 locations across Nigeria. Our agent network can easily be configured and rolled out to suite the unique demands and business needs of our clients which usually entails setting up highly cost effective infrastructure used in providing our suite of financial services and mobile payments in remote and disenfranchised areas lacking access to traditional banking infrastructure.


If you have any questions, don’t forget to give us a call or you can email us and within 24 hours, one of our agents will contact you.

TagPay is a mobile payment platform operated by Visual ICT and designed in line with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s regulatory framework for the operation of mobile payment services in Nigeria. TagPay seeks to foster financial inclusion within the unbanked Nigerian populace by providing bank accounts in the form of mobile money wallets which can be easily created using minimum KYC requirements such as: a name, phone number and date of birth. TagPay provides a suite of financial services such as: Money Transfers to bank accounts and between individuals registered on the TagPay platform and individuals that are not registered in addition to Virtual Top Up, Salary disbursements, Bill payments, Merchant payments & collections. TagPay is unique in the sense that it allows for ease of use as our services can be accessed using any mobile phone and our implementation of NSDT provides security as it authenticates all transactions carried out on the platform.

NFC devices are used in contactless payment system Model, The Consumer Can Purchase Goods, Transfer Money To A Peer, Cash Out, And Cash In

QR Codes 2d Barcode Are Square Bar Codes. Qr Codes Have Been In Use Since 1994. Originally Used To Track Products In Warehouses, QR Codes Were Designed To Replace Traditional (1d Bar Codes). Traditional Bar Codes Just Represent Numbers, Which Can Be Looked Up In A Database And Translated Into Something Meaningful.

Google, Paypal, Globalpay And Gopago Use A Cloud-based Approach To In-store Mobile Payment. The Cloud Based Approach Places The Mobile Payment Provider In The Middle Of The Transaction, Which Involves Two Separate Steps. First, A Cloud-linked Payment Method Is Selected And Payment Is Authorized Via Nfc.


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