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Visual ICT Limited is a fast growing Fintech Startup and a Mobile Financial Services Provider licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide Mobile Money Services. This remains by far the core of Visual ICT’s business segment. We work with all players on the financial services arena including the Central Bank of Nigeria, Commercial Banks, Telecommunications Operators, Technology Vendors and Financial Services Applications Developers as well as Prepaid Bill Issuers and Switching Companies

We are a wholly owned Nigerian company, Operating out of Nigeria and available across the length and breadth of Nigeria. We provide a suite of Mobile Financial Services not in any way limited to mobile money services, agent networks, cash and electronic disbursements, payroll processing, e-wallet management solutions, airtime top-up, inter-bank transfers, bill payments as well as financial solutions uniquely designed to suite the diverse needs of our clients and drive financial inclusion. These products and services are designed to meet the everyday financial service needs of the Banked, under banked and unbanked population across the Nigeria

Founded in 2010, Visual ICT Limited has a team of highly skilled professionals with a combined industry/work experience spanning over 50 years.



E-Money Wallets

Cash Withdrawals & Deposits

Inter-Bank Transfers

Micro- Credit Services

Mobile Money Agent Network Services

Payroll Services

Disbursement Services

  • The Administrative Centre
  • The Social Pay Smart Card
  • The Social Pay Android App
  • The Social Pay MIS Dashboards

Airtime Top-up Sales

Bill Payments




Corporate Goals

To create value through robust growth and high profitability, which are achieved by customers viewing VISUAL ICT LIMITED as an attractive provider of high-quality, cost-effective services performed by qualified and motivated Staff.


Business Concept

Proving Mobile Payment solution for a Borderless Nigerian Community connected by transactions through TagPay thus promoting and driving financial inclusion to the unbanked and under-banked Nigerian population…

  • Anytime
  • Anywhere and for
  • Anything


Our Vision

To be the preferred Mobile Payment Service Provider in Nigeria.

Mission Statement

To provide effective and efficient mobile payment services for the unbanked community covering all aspects of the Nigerian society.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Simplicity
  • Professionalism




TagPay is a mobile payment platform operated by Visual ICT and designed in line with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s regulatory framework for the operation of mobile payment services in Nigeria.

TagPay seeks to foster financial inclusion within the unbanked Nigerian populace by providing bank accounts in the form of mobile money wallets which can be easily created using minimum KYC requirements such as: a name, phone number and date of birth.

TagPay provides a suite of financial services such as: Money Transfers to bank accounts and between individuals registered on the TagPay platform and individuals that are not registered in addition to Virtual Top Up, Salary disbursements, Bill payments, Merchant payments & collections.

TagPay is unique in the sense that it allows for ease of use as our services can be accessed using any mobile phone and our implementation of NSDT provides security as it authenticates all transactions carried out on the platform.

TagPay can be easily accessed via any of the following channels listed below;

  • IVR – 3377
  • SMS
  • Online –
  • Android & IOS mobile apps
  • POS terminals

TagPay leverages on its vast Aggregated Agent Network powered by Merchant & Agents Transaction Services Limited  (MATS) which allows all TagPay Users across  Nigerians to transact at any of the over 500 TOTAL filling stations around the country to access an array of services available on the TagPay.


TagPay Features

Enroll Client 

Cash In

Account to Account Money Transfer

Account to Cash Transfer

Cash to Cash Transfer

 Send Gift

Merchant Payment & Merchant Payment with Gift (prepaid account dedicated to the merchant)

Bill Payment

Ecommerce Payment

Salary Disbursement



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